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Economic impact of Motion Picture Association member companies in the EU

Commitment to Europe

The Motion Picture Association (MPA) member companies are an important part of the local and European industry production and distribution ecosystem, contributing at every stage of the audiovisual industry value chain.

MPA member companies collaborate with European filmmakers on numerous production partnerships to support local stories, local storytellers, and local production companies, bringing their films and series before local and global audiences, and ultimately helping content diversity across the EU.


With substantial investments in the European entertainment industry, infrastructure, and talent, MPA member companies are net contributors to the European creative economy; their investments also contribute to the growth of the local production community.

MPA member companies support thousands of European jobs and millions of Euros in European GDP. Moreover, MPA member productions help create a world class talent pool. The innovativeness of the audiovisual sector depends above all on millions of innovative, creative, and highly valued people, ranging from actors to projector operators, carpenters building film sets, make-up artists bringing characters to life, 3D experts using technology to create the next great special effects, and so on. These are highly valued jobs often actively pursued by young people who are passionate about working in this industry.