Our vision

Europe is an artistic and cultural powerhouse

The MPA members have been an important part of Europe’s cultural ecology for a hundred years and contribute greatly to it. Our vision is for a rich and diverse media environment in which all players can thrive.

To that end, we advocate an approach based on three key principles — flexibility, proportionality, and legal certainty; and make eight recommendations to support the continued success and sustainability of the audiovisual sector in Europe.

Our Policy Principles

  • Ensure that production partners retain the freedom to reach agreements regarding intellectual property (IP) on projects, that reflect their appetite for risk and their individual priorities.
  • Continue to license on an exclusive territorial basis, which is the foundation for financing, producing, marketing and distributing culturally diverse AV works.
  • Provide conditions for competitive and diverse consumer offers, adapted to audiences’ needs and preferences.

  • Protect content creation and support legal services.
  • Maintain stability and predictability of the recently updated body of EU copyright law.
  • Refrain from imposing any network fees regime that results in direct or indirect payments from the AV sector to providers of electronic communication networks.

  • Support a healthy framework for co-productions by maintaining the existing definition of European Works.
  • Prioritise flexibility when considering financial obligations, in order to avoid inflationary effects and prevent damage to the diversity of AV services offered to audiences.



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